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Snowy loves the Noreaster of January 2016!

Reggie = Adorable

Someone needs a nap!

Oh the joys of the holidays!

Bono and Fiona!!

The One and Only "Roo"ster!

Beautiful Lexi, Fall 2015!

Snowy getting ready for the holidays 2015!

Lexi, chilling from a thunderstorm!


Happy 1 year old, Harvey!!

Happy 4th of July 2015 from Ms. Lexi!!!

Harvey enjoys the good life!

Chica with her curlie fashion!

Mya and KD at play! Who will win?

Snowy relaxing at home!

Murphy! The one and only!

Bella, all sweetness!

Miss beautiful!

Pepe, so gorgeous and brilliant!

Harvey! Mommy's shadow!

Snowy, always so curious!

Olive romps waiting her snow!

Lexi in her holiday pajamas!  :)

Life is good! Cooper waking up in the morning!  :)

Cooper, such a happy boy!

Snowy all set for the holidays!  

Harvey gets a haircut for the holidays!

Lexi! A bundle of love!

Emma, our matriarch, waking up in the morning!

Lexi gets a hair salon treatment!

Chica, picture of adorable!

"How much is that doggy in the window?" :)

The "Roo"!!

Our "T-Bone" Chess waking up in the morning!

What a handsome young man, Snowy!

Harvey, so handsome!

Chica after a trip to the groomer!  So BEAUTIFUL!

Lexi relaxing at beautiful!

Chica and her new bedset!

Finnegan enjoys his chewbone!

Chica, what dreams are made of!

A boy in love with his toys! 

Finnegan at the Cape!  How beautiful!

Two brothers meet by chance in a Burlington parking lot! Big hugsss!

Harvey: getting ready to command the remote!

Lovable Lexi!

Finnegan at play!

Handsome Harvey!

Waldo out for a cruise on Joe's Pond!  Summer 2014!

The Waggin Train!

Little Chica leads the way!

Lexi relaxing on her couch!

Happy Birthday, Maize!

Happy Birthday, Snowy!

Lexi loves her toy box!

Griffy says: "Happy 4th of July"

Oh the joy of soft blankets and towels!

Kirby plays Peek-A-Boo!

Pepe awaits his homecoming to Vermont and a new baby! Tap tap tap tap!

Snowy, so very handsome!

Lexi cheers Memorial Day celebrations!

Snowy enjoys his new comfy bed!

Pepe undertakes management position!

Too adorable:  Cooper chills on Mother's Day 2014!

Lexi strolls in the spring snow on her first birthday!

Cooper's First Year Collage! :)

Snowy enjoys an Indian festival "Holi"!

Bella and Murphy turn 3!!  Happy Birthday you two! :)

Snowy sound asleep!

Roo resting by his fireplace!

Is Daddy home yet?

Roo gets a spring haircut...oh so ready for spring!

Cooper resting with his toys!

Stevie dons his winter fashions!

Daisy resting after a trip to the groomer!

Cooper discovers the joy of fresh snow! :)

Happy New Year 2014!!!!

Lexi shows off her Christmas outfit!

Maize explores the fun of wrapping paper!

A puppy's first Christmas!

The Wonder of a Christmas Sleigh Ride!

Thor, all ready for Santa!

Snowy is getting ready for the holidays!

Oreo sneaks a peak from under a table!

Maize Daize has a chair her own size!

Snowy loves his rope toys!

Snowy, the newest driver on the roads!

Maize is all tuckered out watching movies with Mommy!

Stevie enjoying the crispness of fall!

Maize, the picture of happiness!

Waldo enjoys the fall leaves!

Happy Birthday, ROO!

Stevie loves his play and his family!

Maize enjoys her comfy bed!

Roo knows a comfy new bed when he sees one!

Lexi LOVES her toys!

Elsa, what a cutie!

Oreo, picture of sweetness!

Griffin LOVES car rides!

Olive is ONE!

Ozzie and Oreo have a playdate!

KD, Mya, and Kia posing with Maggie

Lexi with big brother, Zack!

Cooper in his favorite bookcase!

Oreo, the puppy kindergarten star pupil!

Lexi in her garden!

Elsa relaxing on a warm summer day!

Oreo checks out his home!

Mr. "Handsome" himself, Cooper with his toys!

Cooper loves the cool grass of summer!

Ruby, so content!

Cooper enjoys his new digs!

Lexi at home!

Desi finds camp life so exhausting!


Reggie at home!

Elsa totally chills on her back!

Chip enjoys the first warm days of the season!

Flynn at the site of his new home! :)

Waldo's 4th Birthday!

Taffi loves the joys of spring!

Olive..just chilling!

Milo and Ruby



Purl relaxes on her sofa!

Atticus is two too!

Sadie is 2!

Bella and Murphy love the snow 24/7!

Ruby and Milo = adorable!

Milo is home!


Tango does the tango!

Roo sleeps in Daddy's spot, all comfy and cozy!

Olive plays dress up!

Kia, Mya, and KD are bestest buddies!

Ms. Lily loves her new home!

Waldo enjoys all the comforts!

Chanelle is ready for 2013!

Dodger: what a handsome boy!

Mya sleeps on big sister, KD!

Mya enjoys her new home!

Pepe meets his new baby brother, Omar!

Olive goes for first grooming appointment!  

Ah, this is the life! (Desi)

Chip, so handsome and such a good boy!

Desi enjoys the grass before the snow comes! Adorable!

Olive enjoys her first Thanksgiving!

Oh, the comfy chair!

Toby, just relaxing!

Pepe on guard: Havanese style!

Desi "knows" life is wonderful!

"Beautiful" Bella and her cousin "Miracle" Murphy!

Waldo at Joe's Pond enjoying these warm summer days!

Abby and Derby (sisters) at rest!

Chanel waits for her new cousin to be born in August!

"Of course, Mom, I can clear this hoop," Kirby declares!

Kirby shows Havanese can play soccer too!

Bella and Murphy 1 year later! Home sweet home!

Dodger plays in NYC Central Park on a beautiful day!

Happy 3rd birthday, Waldo! 

Mom's not going to be happy!

Happy Birthday, Dodger!  You are TWO!!  :)

Pepe graduates Intermediate Class with FLYING COLORS!!  Congrats, Pepe!!

Flynn enjoys the spring sun!

Daisy LOVES her sunbeam!

Cuter than ever!

Happy Birthday, Atticus!

Sully, the "best little dog ever" is turning one!

Bella and the ball!

Pepe: picture of adorable!

Murphy turns 1! Happy Birthday to Murphy and his siblings!

Cody is 5 months old and such a sweetie!

Too precious! Cody and his big sister, Nikki!

Waldo relaxes in Dad's chair!

Abby ponders the camera!

Pepe graduates from Puppy Kindergarten!

Cody is just so precious!!

Pepe goes out to dinner!

Cody (left) meets his big brother, Chip (right)!

Pepe enjoys the sun and vacationing in Florida!

Kirby gets early football training!

"Mommy loves it when I sleep" (Pepe)

Welcome home, Kirby!

Pepe loves to cuddle in his special bed!

Cody in all his glory at his new home!

Murphy and Bella are styling this holiday!

Flynn helps with the holiday decorations!

Cody loves his new buddy, Nikki!

Atticus is ready for the holidays!
Daizy's First Snow...Havanese LOVE snow!  :)
Flynn styling for the holidays 2011!
Murphy and Bella are ready for Halloween 2011!
Chanel Chardonny gets ready for tricks or treats 2011!
Chip discovers the joys of a beachball!
Dodger Checks out the pond!
Daisy enjoys her fresh picked apple!
Atticus proudly shows us his new haircut!
Finnegan tries gardening!
Sadie walks her BIG brother!
Waldo enjoys summer days at Joe's Pond!

Atticus goes fishing!

Murphy shows off his new shirt!

Murphy and Bella are true beach bums!
Murphy is one year old! Happy Birthday, Murphy!  :)

Daisy shows off her new pillow just like her brother Murphy's!  She was a good girl and just had to have it!

Sadie frolics in the summer grass!

Flynn, after a good game of fetch!

Atticus enjoying a mirror..who is that puppy?

Roo, enjoying her summer days!

Bella resting comfy on her new pillow!

Murphy loves his pillow too!

Puff and Miko on a playdate!

Sully relaxes in a bed of flowers!

Oh so sleepy!

Daisy: picture of adorable!

Chip prances through the grass on a spring day!

Sully goes camping! The sun is so bright!

KD and Kia: picture of curiousity! 

Flynn and Vermont: stunning!

Murphy, just too sweet!

Bella loves to eat under things!

Atticus loves flowers!

Sully loves his new crate...sleep time!

Mastering that first step!

Rudy prepares for a rainy Montreal day!

Waldo enjoys his warm stove after a playtime in the snow!

Dodger, ready for his next adventure!

Opie, full of wonder and the joy of his owner!
Flynn with his best buddy!
"Look at me, Mom!" Bailey shows off his new resting spot!
Dodger, exploring his world!  :)
Bailey, the happiest lil guy on earth!
Flynn: picture of curiousity and love!
KD and Kia all full of wonder!
Bailey and his buddy, the kitty, take a nap together!
Dodger with his inquisitive look! 
Duke is one years old!!!!!! Happy Birthday to Duke and his siblings!
Bailey checks out his new home!
Murphy relaxing!
Griffin says it all: "Happy Holidays 2010!".
Waldo knows true comfort when he sees it!
Amigo goes all out for Halloween!
Wesley sits for a rainy car ride! 
And here we have Wesley checking out his family's new baby stroller! Congratulations!!
Dodger relaxes with a toy!
Murphy + fall leaves = fun!
Flynn takes a nap!
Kia and KD enjoy a summer day!
Sir Duke loves his summertime!
Dodger takes a stroll in his hometown: New York City!
Amigo gets a lift to school!
Mirrored Dodger!  :)
Griffin plays with his fox after his "lost" romp in the woods overnight!  Welcome home, Griffy!  :)
Ruby enjoys every minute of summer!
Amigo ponders the joys of lead walking!
Rudy enjoys the view from his new car seat!
"Roo"ster in her favorite chair!
Kia and KD are discovered in a photo shoot!
Emily in her comfy chair supervising her family!
Look closely: who will win the battle of the dog bone?  :)
Hopper, the Havanese!
Griffin explores springtime!
Suki and Tuukka learn the joys of playing ball!

Lauchie strolls the beach :)
Waldo busy with some serious springtime play!
Sir Duke in his dandelion field!
Momma Emmie poses for a photo too!
"Who me?" says Emily!
Yay! A trip to Vermont! 

Do we sense "yummies" on the way?
Tucker (Jr) relaxing at home!
Sergio: Intensely Curious!
Scal in his latest fashions!
Sir Duke waking up and ready to play!
Rudy demonstrates "this is the life"!

Emily and her snaky curl up together!

Griffin proudly sports his new spring sweater!

Every dog has to have his monkey!

Sir Duke gets comfy!

Now this is comfort as Wesley shows us!

KD and Kia in their winter outfits!

Griffin posing for the camera!

KD with baby sister Kia!

Wesley and his favorite football!

And here Griffin shows off his new pink cow!

Chico and his monkey!
Waldo Christmas 2009

Chaya frolicks in the grass

Inquisitive KD Snuggled in her Snuggie

Benita smiling!

Waldo at the pond!

Roo takes the family SUV for a spin!

Chaya at home relaxing!

Oscar carefully eyes his ball!

Patriotic Caymus!

Henry, such a cutie!

Waking up, Benita says "Good Morning!"

Toby Checking Things Out!

Benita en su camita!

Benita en casa!

Stache short for moustache!                                                                                                                                   

        Roo Intense at Play!

Waving her 4th of July flag: Chanel Chardonnay!


 And here, Hyacinth shows off her gardening techniques! 

Valentine's Day Snow  

Benita Dances!

Rudy after a tough day at the office!
   Every Pup Loves a Pooh Bear!


                                           Bunker and Birdie: Best of Friends!                                         Chaya Visits her new Grandpa!

                                   Scupper sneaking a porthole view while sailing!                         Chanel and her Easter duckie 2009 :)

                                                            Chanel Chardonay                                                                    Gracie in Loving Arms!

                                                     Oreo Working Hard at Play!                                           And then Oreo finds his favorite sock!

                                                      Ozzy with his favorite toy!                                          Then, of course, Ozzy with his blue bow!

                                  Everybody needs a favorite toy, blankie, and a yummy!                    Puff enjoys relaxing on a sunny day!


                                     Bauer enjoys his trip home to Massachusetts!                       Oh so intently, Bauer awaits instructions! 



                                                                                  Every dog enjoys his own bed as Koto shows us!   






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